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Law Enforcement Team Software

Law Enforcement Team Software – Simply efficient in criminal prosecution

The concept behind Law Enforcement Team Software, is the result of efforts to optimise specific procedures within the field of law enforcement. In concrete terms, using this software will simplify the exchange of information amongst law enforcement agencies (e.g. police, tax and customs investigation teams, financial police) by integrating mobile devices (e.g. tablet computers, smartphones) before, during and after operations (e.g. surveillance operations, house searches, etc.). This software combines technologies which are used on an almost daily basis in our private lives (e.g. mapping service, chat function, cloud storage, etc.) in a single application, which fulfils all the data security requirements of the relevant agencies.

Fields of application

Law Enforcement Team Software is primarily designed for the planning, coordination and recording of operations conducted by law enforcement agencies. Therefore, the application incorporates the following functions:

  • Planning and coordination of operations: This function allows the user to plan human and physical resource inputs for operations. In addition, a calendar, as well as various project management tools (e.g. Gantt Chart) provide the capacity for operations to be directed professionally from the outset.
  • Risk assessment prior to operations: The seamless integration of geographic data within the application allows comprehensive risk analyses to be conducted (e.g. display of movement profiles, incident clusters, etc.). There is also the option of automatically analysing the data using customisable reports.
  • Information exchange during operations: The application enables all parties to access all information relating to an operation (persons, objects, vehicles, addresses, pictures, files) at all times. In addition, an integrated chat function allows the user to send messages to all operational parties. It is also possible to integrate the GPS sensor of mobile devices to enable live tracking of all human resources.
  • Recording of operations: This function offers the option of recording incidents and events during an operation using a mobile device, which in turn facilitates improved coordination.
  • Archiving of data: A complete record of all entries and modifications will be archived within the application.
  • Data security: The entire application can be operated within an agency’s intranet. Data transmitted to the mapping service is exclusively in the form of geographic data, which does not class as private or sensitive data according to data protection law.

Examples of use

Recording of operations

Each record automatically includes a log of an operation’s course of events. Users must simply record an event or incident or select a picture – details about the time/date, location and user are automatically transmitted and logged. This not only saves time, but also guarantees that all reports generated meet required quality standards.

Dissemination of information

Whether persons, objects, vehicles, addresses, pictures or files, all users have full access to the most up-to-date data at all times. Furthermore, the use of a central communications platform optimises and ensures compliance with data protection and data security law.

Analysis of geographic data

Using a wide range of import functions, users can integrate and analyse available data. These import functions allow a large amount of geographic data to be automatically transmitted and displayed, which, in turn, enable complex correlations and interrelationships to be visually identified and understood.

Product Presentation

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