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EISENBURG Control Room

EISENBURG Control Room – Your Risk & Crisis Management Platform

Welcome to the 21st century: The EISENBURG Control Room is designed to assist you in getting oversight and control of your projects and locations worldwide.
The platform enables you to capture and administer all relevant project and location specific information across the globe. It enables you to run quick risk assessments on single or multiple projects, countries or regions. Best of all it enables you to create your own individual Risk Map. The Control Room can be used to record geo-referenced incidents and to collaborate with your security teams worldwide. By doing so it turns static paper-based crisis management plans into dynamic and proactive management tools – specific to your situation, interactive and simple. Importantly the EISENBURG Control Room enables you to visualise and underpin your recommendations in front of executives, employees and peer professionals.

It helps you to strengthen your position and to focus on what matters.

Country Database

This feature enables you to build your own security, risk and crisis management Country Database. Users can plot their projects, offices or other locations worldwide directly on a map. Zooming in helps you quickly to understand details such as distances, terrain, or potential dangers in the proximity of sites. Zooming out helps you gain oversight of all your projects or locations worldwide and to identify particularly risk-prone regions.The tool allows you to upload relevant information for each of your locations. This feature not only allows you to store all your security protocols, evacuation plans, risk assessment reports and so forth in one place, it also enables you easily to enforce one risk and/or crisis management standard group-wide.

It enables you, your department and your entire organisation to collaborate more quickly and effectively.

Risk Assessment

This feature enables you to build your specific Risk Map. We have had enough of inaccurate high-level risk maps that don’t reflect an organisation’s true risk exposure. Instead the EISENBURG Control Room offers a generic Threat Map indicating potential risk sources. The tool gives you the opportunity to turn our generic Threat Map into your individual Risk Map – very easily yet still with a proven risk assessment methodology running in the background. Further you can update your Risk Map very quickly whenever the situation warrants it.

Via this tool you can establish a common risk assessment standard worldwide – through a single operation – for the foreseeable future.

Interactive Crisis Management Platform

This feature enables you to transform static paper-based reports into your interactive crisis management tool. The tool allows you to – for instance – plot key evacuation locations such as evacuation assembly areas, ports of departure, routes, or safe havens onto a map. It also gives you and your security personnel in the field the chance to record incidents: the time, the coordinates, a picture or a short description etc. These are all we need to make your Control Room truly interactive.