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Are you looking for a certified and experienced expert for Oracle Application Express? Look no further!
Today one of the most important questions is: “Are my products and services ready for the cloud?”
Migrate your file-based and fragmented business processes to a professional and secure platform.
Turn your geospatial data into valuable information as a basis for better decisions.


I am passionate about writing software that solves problems and saves time.


I am a programmer who loves his job. But more than this, I am a person who wants to help others – with well-designed applications. I am passionate about writing software that solves problems and saves time. The most important thing to me is not the number of billable hours, but the number of saved working hours.


For me, a project succeeds if the people really want to work with my software. The key to this is communication. Therefore, close communication with the people who are going to work with the new piece of software is essential to me. In this way, I can ensure that every application really fits the needs of my clients and will pay for itself in a very short period of time.

Christian Klingbacher

Christian Klingbacher

Oracle APEX Expert - IT Consultant


There are two things which principally drive me: solving problems and finishing projects. In my opinion, the first one is innate to every programmer, because creating software is all about solving problems. The ability and motivation to bring a project to completion is one of my USPs.


Nowadays, demands for an application are rapidly changing. For this reason, I focus on the long-term viability of your software throughout the whole development process. I will also be your brainstorming partner and will come up with many examples and best practices to ensure that your application is ready for the future.


Professional full stack development from A to Z

Oracle Database

Database Design

Application Express

Web Development



My services at a glance

Application Development

I specialise in rapid application development with Oracle Application Express. With this tool I can build extremely robust and scalable business applications in a very short time. Just give it a try – you will be pleasantly surprised with the result!

Database Design

The basis of every business application is a well-thought-out database design. With many years of experience and excellent analytical skills, I am designing very flexible and efficient data models. Of course I will also implement yours into any database you like.

Business Process Migration

Are you still working with Excel-files on a network share? Has one of them ever been corrupted or overwritten by a user? I will solve these and many other problems without reducing functionality by bringing your business processes to the web and eliminating your shadow-IT.

Maps Integration

Your company has stored geo-data and you want to analyse and represent it in a proper and cost effective way? With OpenLayers I will provide the information in your data that really matters to your users!


Some examples of my work


What customers and partners think about my work

"Christian is a very precise full stack developer for business applications. He recognises the importance of effective communication in the development process. Working with him in a project is really a pleasure and a guarantee for success!" - Dr. Günther Eisinger (Managing Director at EISENBURG)
"Integration of Apex with crisp maps is something that isn't done on a daily basis. I was impressed by the results of the OpenLayers map integration with business data. It really adds value for analysis and visualisation." - Andreas Hocevar (Member of the Steering Committee for OpenLayers)
"Only the unique online technology of the Law Enforcement Team Software enables law enforcement agencies the confidential and safe planning, coordination and evaluation of sensitive operations." - Bernhard Otupal (Security Solution Specialist at Dell EMEA)